Perl 101: Things Every Perl Programmer Should Know.


CPAN is the magic bullet that all other languages envy.

It's a vast repository of modules that people have contributed.

It stands for Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.

Search for modules at is the standard front-end to search the CPAN. It also includes links to most of the rest of these sites.

Use the alternate search at

There's a different interface to CPAN at has more features and links for exploring the CPAN and distributions.

Find opinions about modules at lets you rate and comment on modules and see what others thought of them, before you try.

Report bugs at

Submit your bug to RT at

Annotate module documentation at lets you annotate the documentation for a module, with the hope that the author will incorporate the changes in the future.

Find old versions of modules on the BackPAN has every module ever on CPAN, even if it's old and out of date.

Want to contribute?

Submit a PR to

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